Best Investment Tips For 2015

Whether you are looking to make it big or simply want to find something to invest in that will not have too much risk involved, you should check out the following list of the things you should consider investing in at the beginning of 2015 and afterwards, things you should avoid investing in and general advice for the next year.

  1. You should avoid investing in the stock or the bond market as none is affordable right now. According to Brian Rodgers, this is a time when investors should definitely take the risk into account whenever they want access in the stock or the bond market. The bond market has left a lot of people surprised as many thought that the rates were going to move up and prices were about to drop, however, the rates went down so many lost a lot of money.
  2. Also according to Brian Rodgers, one of the companies that is definitely worth investing in is Mattel, the Barbie doll manufacturer. They have been steady enough for years and they are strong enough as a company with good cash flow. When it comes to other stocks, he also believes that people should focus on General Electric because it can be pretty cheap right now and will surely grow in the future.
  3. Canadian and U.S. equities are another trend right now as they still remain strong. Some of the interesting sectors to explore are the life insurance companies and the energy sector.
  4. Another good idea would be to invest in emerging market equities while avoiding the areas that are speculative and could be too risky.
  5. When it comes to dividend stocks one of the great choices is Siemens. Siemens has operations everywhere and is one of the most productive engineering companies in the world. Even more, the company has been involved in health care, energy and infrastructure so it can be a really great investment opportunity for those looking for something fresh.

As for real estate investment the best places are the ones who have been preparing the development process for a couple of years. Huston, TX is a great investment opportunity for investors in the energy industry and housing market expectations are really positive. The next in line is Austin, TX which has a great appeal for the housing market and also the fact that it costs less to do business there. The third is Los Angeles, which although has lost a place, is a great place for investment due to its strong local economy.

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