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Why Location of Real Estate Project is Crucial

Even with the devastating effect that the financial crisis had on the real estate market still being felt, there is immense demand and potential for new buildings. The fierce competition and numerous bankruptcies that have befallen investors in the field in the last couple ...Read More

New Apartments Are Saught After In Bucharest

Demand for new properties in Romania’s capital city have increased tenfold when compared with pre economic-crisis levels according to recent market analysis, with the main reasons for the rise in demand being increased competition between developers and end products with a higher degree of ...Read More

Russian Real Estate Market in 2014

Russia has been having a real estate crisis lately after its peak in 2013. This was mostly due to the crisis in Ukraine and the fact that Russia has been building the most apartments  since 1989. Unfortunately, its economy is slowing and it seems ...Read More

Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

Real Estate has long been a favored investment option due to its stability and its long term rewards.  Where the share market can be complicated and volatile, real estate offers investors a sense of security, knowing that it is the kind of investment that ...Read More

Real Estate Investment in Exotic Countries

In today’s global economy, investing in international real estate is easier than ever before and is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.  The real estate market historically trends in a cycle, so when your home country is experiencing a down-cycle, you may ...Read More

Advice for Buying a House

The experience of buying a house can be both exciting and stressful, however by following a few simple rules, and by doing your research, you can take much of the anxiety out of the process and make it an enjoyable one. Before you begin ...Read More