Eliminating Money Leaks

There are many things that might cause you to lose money: accidents, medical issues, house or car repairs, etc.; any family should be doing reviews of their finances and make sure that they are up to date with any repairs inside their house or other things that might cause them to spend more than they can afford. Unfortunately, if you analyse your situation monthly, it can be pretty hard to detect any leaking, but do a yearly review and you can see whatever you missed in the previous year.

One of the biggest ways to reduce the amount of money you spend is to review all your plans, for example, your Cable TV plan, your phone plan or even your internet provider bill. Sometimes we get tricked into buying a certain plan that costs us more than we can consume. If you are not really watching that much TV, consider buying Netflix or lowering your monthly plan and you will be surprised how much money you can save in a year. Also, if you don’t use most of the monthly prepaid minutes you are getting, try to lower your monthly plan and pay less. Or, you can go about it differently; you might reduce your overall phone bill by choosing a more expensive phone plan that has a lot more minutes included.

Next stop is heat management as every person in the world should make rearrangements when it comes to their heat. For example, you can purchase a programmable thermostat that will save you hundreds of dollars in a year just for about 30-40 bucks. Study it carefully and use all its features, some might even let you program heat depending on the hour of the day so that you can be sure that heat is on only when you are spending time in the room.

Another way to make sure that you eliminate costs is to check the car insurance policy; every year you can get a new policy that may be better so don’t be afraid of switching plans or at least see whatever offers your company has for you that will work  better than your current plan.

The next thing you need to review is your shopping behaviour. Usually those who don’t have a list to stick to when they go shopping end up spending a lot more money than they should. So make sure that you always have a list with the necessary things you need to buy and be carefully not to buy extra stuff, or at least limit yourself from buying more stuff than you need.

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