Spotting The Difference Between Replica And Original Watch

Buying a replica watch can be quite a demanding job, especially when there are so many retailers that sell low quality watches. Since there are different grades of watches, it seems natural that one should go for the highest grade even if it might cost more than other options. This way you can get a beautiful watch, with a great mechanism and a nice design for a fraction of the original watch price. However, you should always make sure that the replica watches you want to get are similar to the original brands so you will have to analyze them to the smallest detail. Lets take for example a beautiful Cartier Santos watch for ladies, this lovely timepiece is the epitome of good craftsmanship and great engineering with lovely design and good mechanism. But is it similar to the original watch, or will it fail on closer inspection?

It seems that at first glance this fake Cartier watch could be put next to a authentic wristwatch and no differences would be seen, it has great materials and it looks extremely similar to the original watch. However, if you take a closer look you will notice a few things that make it different; for example, you will see that on the display of the replica watch the word Automatic is missing, but it can be found on the original watch. Another more striking difference is placed on the back of the replica watch, as you will see that the text on the replica is not like the one on the original brand, as some of the information given is missing. Also, theres a problem with the design on the back, which is also a bit different than the one on the original watch. However, all these are on the back of the watch, so its better to have them placed there than on the face of the watch. You will also notice that there are small differences on the winding stem, but thats also quite unnoticeable for the untrained eye.

Overall, these two watches are very similar and even with the differences mentioned above the replica watch is quite amazing.

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