The Main Online Book Stores

As many people already know, the major player in this sector is Amazon. They established themselves on the market a long time ago and have ever since kept their sovereignty untouched by fierce competition. The advantage they offer to potential online shoppers is their vast range of items, new as well as used, they ship worldwide and the free of charge delivery within the United States for purchases of over 25 dollars. Unfortunately, they do not ship used books which can also come with lower prices outside US.

Half one of eBays properties – offers competitive book prices and allows Internet users to post advertisements for selling their own books online. Unlike Amazon, they do not deal outside the United States, thus reducing their area of customers reach. eBay itself has a page dedicated to this commercial segment where customers can look for the books they need. However, the search can be made difficult by the fact that books are here put on sale by private owners and the texts are not always search friendly. Here, there are more chances for international shipping than on Half because the delivery is initiated by the seller. However, before purchasing the item, the buyer mush check with the seller if he/she is willing to do this effort.

One of the oldest and largest bookstores chain in America, Barnes and Noble comes with a wide range of books on their virtual shelves. Their prices can compete with Amazons only if a membership is purchased. They also ship to different international destinations and they do it free of charge within the US if the total amount surpasses the same limit as with their major competitor.

The major players drawbacks can be addressed by using other online book stores such as Biblio and AbeBooks which ship used and collectible books everywhere in the world and Book Depository. Although they exclude some countries, the latter ones do not charge for delivery.

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